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About Cruisebit Coin

Cruisebit Coin is crypto currency that represents digital value provided by blockchain technology. At present Cruisebit uses the blockchain of "proof of work" for decentralization purposes.

Cruisebit coin offers customers fast and effective transfers on any electronic wallets existing on the platform.

Cruisebit coin can create online ecosystem where potential investors and customers can quickly and easily verifiably transfer funds.

Our Vision

Web portal - Future of Travel

Air Ticket/ Hotel Booking Experience

Cruisebit iѕ creating new era of Travel Experience by launching its Online platforms. It will use CRBT Currency for making secure and faster payments.

  • Easy and Fast Booking
  • Worldwide Accommodations
  • Best and Cheap Flight

Cruisebit Marketplace

Engineering the Global Mining Hardware platform

  • Global marketplace for Mining Hardware
  • Earn Money from home
  • Extremely low cost solution

Cruisebit Gaming Arena

Launching New ways of Gaming

  • Mobile & Online Gaming
  • Digital Currency Enabled
  • CRBT Rewards points

Where to Buy CRBT

Below is a list of exchanges that we are currently listed on and where you can purchase CRBT.

Other Listing

Cruisebit Mobile Wallet

Cruisebit Wallet is Ethereum based tokens where users have full control over their wallet. They can transfer the token using their private key; check their balances and transaction history. It is a cost-effective, low fee, extremely secured payment solution for your business.

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